Elect Moe ElTassi for City Council for Point Douglas

Hi, my name is Moe ElTassi, and I am running to be City Councillor for Point Douglas.

I am a businessperson and a community advocate on many social issues, but most importantly I am a father, a son, a brother, a husband, and an uncle. I say “most importantly” because family is everything to me and I see Winnipeg and our neighbourhood as one large family.

Why Point Douglas?

I was born in Winnipeg and grew up in Point Douglas through our family business. For the past 6 years, I have worked in the neighbourhood and, as anyone with a family business knows, that means I spend a lot of time here.  Every day I witness first-hand what is happening in our area.

I am not pleased with how things have been going, and I am sure neither are you.

I believe crime has completely spiralled out of control. Homelessness is not being given the attention it needs.  I want to see a revitalization program in the area that doesn’t compromise the rich historic character that it has!

I see the potential we have. Point Douglas is the most crucial ward in this city, and we need to move things forward. This transformation cannot be achieved by a single person, but rather it will take our whole community to come together. I want to work with you, listen to you, and be part of a positive transformation.

Point Douglas is one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in our city. It stretches from the historic Exchange District, to Weston and Tyndall Park, right to Waterford Green in the northwest. Many neighbourhoods and many neighbours…each with different challenges.

I am a father of five children. Each of my children has different likes and dislikes, and each faces different challenges…just like the different neighbourhoods in Point Douglas. I will work for Point Douglas in the same way that I work for my children: which is to understand each of them individually and, with the same passion for each, to help them achieve their full potential!

I would like to represent the area of Point Douglas because I believe in it. I believe it has been overlooked and underappreciated, from infrastructure to industry to community and residents. 

I will be your champion for change and advocate tirelessly for you. I will be the same 100% accessible person when I take office as I am with you today. No matter what I am doing, I will always have the time to fight for our neighbourhood!

About Moe

Moe ElTassi is a father of five, husband, entrepreneur, and social advocate. He currently sits on the Winnipeg Police Board and is a Panel Member of the Residential Tenancies Commission.

Moe was awarded the Order of Manitoba for his work with multiple organizations that support individuals with intellectual disabilities and those who are experiencing homelessness.



Crime is increasing in our city and our neighbourhoods are turning into battlegrounds. Everyone deserves to feel safe.

I will:

  • Ensure police have the resources to keep our communities safe, to enforce laws, and to patrol our communities
  • Prevent crime by investing in our communities and social programming
  • Increasing funding to community organizations like Momma Bear Clan, 204 Neighbourhood Watch and others working to reduce crime


Point Douglas is the heart of our city and should be the economic centre of our city.  It needs a strong advocate for local jobs.

I will:

  • Create incentives for business to move to Point Douglas and hire local residents
  • Work with council and the mayor to lower business taxes


Our roads and back lanes are being neglected.  We pay some of the highest taxes and get the short end of the stick when it comes to infrastructure spending.

I will:

  • Advocate for our fair share infrastructure spending
  • Ensure all children have access to playgrounds in their neighbourhood


Transit must remain safe and affordable . Our residents rely on buses every day.

I will :

  • Ensure our buses have safety officers to keep drivers and riders safe
  • Advocate for bus fares to stay affordable for everyone



There are too many abandoned and neglected properties. These properties are breeding grounds for crime and drug use.

I will:

  • Ensure our bylaws are properly enforced
  • Ensure that property owners either repair, demolish or sell the property



“I have known Moe and his family for over 30 years. Moe is one of the most hard-working and committed community leaders that I know. He will do an excellent job serving the need of the residents of his ward.”


Terry Duguid

Member of Parliment

Moe is exactly who the area needs to move us forward.  His family businesses, Peerless Garments and Sargent Blue Jeans have provided jobs to hundreds of Filipinos since the seventies.  I’m asking all Filipinos in Point Douglas to help us send Moe to City Hall.

Ley Navarro

Chairman, Manitoba Filipino Street Festival

I endorse Moe El Tassi because he will work to drive the drug dealers and gangs out of Point Douglas. A progressive businessman, he will help bring economic renewal and more good paying jobs. Moe will make the community safer and healthier.

Sel Burrows

Member Order of Manitoba,
Crime Prevention Activist

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